A Day on the Ice

I would be lying if I didn’t say that Saturday was an exciting day! My day started out a little later then I would like to admit but after rushing to get ready, it started out like almost every other day. A coffee at Day’s Store. As I was getting ready to go ice fishing with my dad and brother it was essential to make a pit stop at Day’s to get my morning coffee and a few snacks for the day.

After getting everything together I headed out to Chesterville with Sampson, my 100lb Pit Bull Bullmastiff mix. For those of you who have no clue where Chesterville is, it is a small town outside of Mount Vernon. Parker Pond, which touches Chesterville, Vienna, and Mount Vernon is a beautiful place to go fishing with lots of fish might I add. And the spot where we fish happens to be right behind my grandfathers house which is absolutely beautiful (and on the market for anyone whom is interested).

While we were out on the ice I learned that the month of January is the only month that you are allowed to fish on Parker Pond because it is packed full of Salmon and the State doesn’t want the Pond to be over fished.

Sampson admiring the great outdoors

As we were setting my traps the next door neighbor came over and asked “Are these all your traps?” pointing at my fathers and brothers, five traps a piece mind you. My dad responded with “Yea! We have been having a good day so far, but no salmon yet.” the man then responded with “Well I am not going to tell you what to do but, there is a two trap limit out here during the day.” My dad and brother completely dumbfounded, looked at each other and responded with “Well lets get these traps out the water then!” As my dad and I started laughing my little brother started scrambling to look up the law on his phone and running to his traps to take out the right amount. We soon learned that checking the fishing book for the State of Maine before you go out onto the ice is a good idea! My brother did learn that at night time you are allowed to have all five out because the Salmon aren’t feeding, which is always good to know if you enjoy fishing at night.

My 5lb Bass 

Other then the first hiccup of the day we had a blast running from one trap to another each time a flag would go up, and flags went up every few minutes! I was very surprised at how many flags that we did get all day. After the first 15 flags we really started to reel in the big ones, including the 5ld Bass that I caught and the 4lb Bass Robert, my brother, caught. Robert also caught a huge Pickerel that swallowed the hook whole! The best part of the day was watching my dad chase after a bucket that he had been sitting on when the wind took it away!


Robert and his 4lb Bass
Robert in action catching the Pickerel




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