Spring has Arrived

It has been a long winter here in Belgrade Lakes. But it seems that Spring has finally decided to make an appearance!¬†With a late snow storm most of us weren’t sure that we would ever see the sun shine again, this is very dramatic but it has been a far too long of a winter. But after a few days with the weather in the high 60’s things around town are starting to pick up and be hopeful!

When the ice first started going out this winter.
Just after one of the Nor’Easter’s we got here in Belgrade Lakes.

A few things here in town change when the weather starts to get nice again. One exciting thing for us Belgrade Lakers is that Day’s Store is now back open seven days a week from 7am – 7pm. I know this seems¬†minuscule, but in a small town where the only store within walking distance is closed two days a week and that means having to drive more then 5 miles to the next grocery/ gas station is far to long of a drive and usually ends with “It is to cold outside, I guess I will just wait.”

Miss Piper greeting customers at Day’s Store.

Another great way that one can tell that spring is coming is the opening weekend of the Village Inn. When the shops and restaurants begin to open back up for the season it’s hard to not get excited that warmer days out on the lake are coming! The town starts to get a little busier with cars parked along the street and dog owners walking their furry friends. The Loon’s are also back in town, you can hear them on the lake all night calling to each other.

On one of the warmer days that we have had so far, and to prove that the snow is actually gone!

The next exciting thing that will be happening here in Belgrade Lakes is Memorial Day Weekend. The Farmers Market will be back up and running, Spiro & Company will be making your favorite gyros, and boats will be back in the water (hopefully!).



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