5 Tips for Summer Stay in Belgrade Lakes

This past week I went on vacation with my boyfriend to Bonaire, which is a small island off of Venezuela in the Caribbean. My boyfriend and I travel a lot and we say that we prefer to spend our money experiencing new places then having a big home with nice things in it. I have always found that when you are traveling to different places the most common question you get is, “Where are you from?”, and I answer Maine. If I am lucky enough to meet a person who actually knows that Maine isn’t apart of Canada then I know that they have either visited Maine before or are from New England. The next question I get is, “Oh, well, what part of Maine are you from?” This is my favorite question because I get to talk about my favorite place on Earth, Belgrade Lakes!

Now you may be wondering what there is to say as to why Belgrade Lakes is my favorite place in the world. I can go on and on and on about it but until you come here and truly experience Belgrade Lakes for yourself you will never understand what I mean. So instead of telling you why I love it here, I am going to encourage you and your family to visit by giving you some awesome tips on how to make your trip an epic one!


#5 Finding the right place to stay

Now this may seem obvious to most but finding the right place to stay is essential to a great vacation. Many people will tell you to check TripAdvisor or to look at hotels, but here in small town USA it is a little different. If you want the all around Belgrade Lakes experience the way to stay is on the Lake. There are all kinds of camp rental companies in the area that provide excellent service to their customers! And the best part is the view at the beginning of your day and right before you go to bed. The kids can enjoy swimming on sunny days without even having to go anywhere.


#4 Food! 

Everyone loves food right?! Finding the right places to enjoy a meal can be hard sometimes. But in Belgrade there is great food. And great food goes along with great people and a great atmosphere. There are many places in the downtown area that offer food, drinks, and laughs with locals that are sure to provide a good time. Whether you need a quick bit to eat for lunch or dinner right from your boat Belgrade has it all!


#3 Checking the Weather Before Arriving

One thing that can really put a damper on a vacation is if the weather is not cooperative. Here in Maine the weather can change within minutes! Checking to make sure it is going to be sunny and warm is a great thing to do. I always suggest that you bring a rain jacket, a sweatshirt, and pants for the very common chance of the weather getting cold.

#2 Exploring the Area

Now don’t get me wrong Belgrade Lakes is known for the Lakes and there are plenty of them to explore. But there is also many hiking trails in the area as well. We also have one of the best golf courses in the United States right here in Belgrade Lakes. There is also disc golfing that has become very popular in the area within the last 5 years.

#1 Boating

Boating, boating, boating! You can’t come to Belgrade Lakes without renting, bringing, or joining friends on a boat! The lakes are far too beautiful to not be out on them enjoying the sun. Make sure that you bring a cooler, a few koozies, a couple of beach towels, and some sunscreen to fully enjoy the water. There is great fishing here on the Lakes and there is always a reason for water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing!




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