Top Five Places for the Best Views of Belgrade Lakes

Some of the best things to do in Belgrade Lakes come with amazing views of the area.FullSizeRender (7)

#5: French Mountain; With just a short hike you’ll have incredible views of the Lakes.

#4: Round Top Trailhead; These trails are a part of the Kennebec Highlands and the trails are made for biking and hiking.

#3: The Mountain Trailhead; This hike is a little easier with amazing views of Long Pond.

#2: Blue Berry Hill; No hiking required on this one! Just a short drive to the top and you’ll have amazing views of the Lakes.

#1: Belgrade Lakes Golf Course; There is no better place to play golf and see the Lakes! Have a beer on the patio and get lost in the tranquil sights of both Great Pond and Long Pond!


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