80 Day’s of Summer

Summer is something that everyone looks forward to, especially here in Belgrade Lakes. We work hard all winter long and we stick around through the coldest days of the year just to get a little slice of sunshine, warm weather, and days by the lake for what seems like a blink of an eye.

What most people who visit from afar don’t realize is that though we wait to enjoy those summer days they are our most busy days and we often forget to slow down and take a moment or two to really enjoy the beautiful place that we live in. While you are here enjoying your well deserved vacation from the hustle and bustle from your everyday life, the people of Belgrade are working hard to make sure it is the best vacation for you and your family and the one place that you will want to keeping coming back to.

Now don’t get me wrong we LOVE that everyone comes here to visit and enjoy what we call home. Frankly it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the amount of visitors that we do. But it just seems to go by so quickly and with each year that comes and goes it passes a little bit faster.

When I stop and think about how long summer really is it is only about 80 days give or take. This year the weather didn’t get nice until late June and everyone begins to leave at the end of August. With the town beginning to slow down it doesn’t feel the same as a hot day in July trying to make your through the Village with cars lined the street on both sides and people out and about walking to all of their favorite shops and eatery’s in town.

Some of the best things happen in those 80 days. Wine tastings at Day’s, Music by the water at the Village Inn, enjoying a wonderful meal at Sadie’s Boathouse, playing a round of golf at the Belgrade Lakes Golf Course, and packing a cooler for a long day on Great Pond. Many things happen here in the summer that I think everyone, no matter where you’re from, can appreciate for a lifetime.


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