Snow Days

One would think that only kids get snow days. Well here in Belgrade Lakes when snow or a wintry mess is coming we all bunker down and wait just to see how much we will get. Most won’t leave home because the roads are too slick, but there are the few who will get a little stir crazy and venture out into a white abyss.


Now you may be asking what would one possibly do when the roads are snow covered and it is freezing outside? The answer is go out and see everyone in town. There was one day here in Belgrade Lakes this winter that we got about two feet of snow. The best way to describe what we got, is like stepping into a a snow globe. I woke up that day to go to work and realized just how bad it was when I could no longer see my car under all of the white fluffy powder. I got dressed and decided that before I head into work that I would make a nice breakfast, bacon and eggs. After I ate it was time to start my journey, I live about fifteen minutes from my office. I normally start my day by grabbing a coffee at Day’s so that day wasn’t any different.


As I was going into Day’s I waved to a few people who were coming out of the Post Office. As I rushed into Day’s I noticed that it was a little bit busier then I had thought it would be on a day like that. Locals stopped in for their morning coffee and doughnut while the local State Police stood and chatted about their kids and where they were going on vacation. After enjoying my coffee and morning chats with everyone at Day’s I headed over the bridge into work.


That day a few locals stopped in to chat and ask me why I was on the roads that day only with the concern of my driving skills! I decided that because the phone wasn’t ringing I may as well pack up and head down to the Sunset Grill for some lunch. There I found my parents, their friends, and even more locals that may have even worse driving skills than me (I won’t mention any names hehe). Everyone is enjoying their favorite beverage, some food, and a few good laughs. After I finished my lunch it was time to make the trip home……

And that was certainly an interesting trip, I ended up getting stuck at the end of my driveway and slid into the ditch! Luckily my amazing landlords, who happen to be great friends of mine came and pulled me out and after about fifteen minutes my car was free! There is always something exciting happening in Belgrade even when we get snowed in.


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