Snow Days

One would think that only kids get snow days. Well here in Belgrade Lakes when snow or a wintry mess is coming we all bunker down and wait just to see how much we will get. Most won’t leave home because the roads are too slick, but there are the few who will get a… Continue reading Snow Days

80 Day’s of Summer

Summer is something that everyone looks forward to, especially here in Belgrade Lakes. We work hard all winter long and we stick around through the coldest days of the year just to get a little slice of sunshine, warm weather, and days by the lake for what seems like a blink of an eye. What… Continue reading 80 Day’s of Summer

Top Five Places for the Best Views of Belgrade Lakes

Some of the best things to do in Belgrade Lakes come with amazing views of the area. #5: French Mountain; With just a short hike you’ll have incredible views of the Lakes. #4: Round Top Trailhead; These trails are a part of the Kennebec Highlands and the trails are made for biking and hiking. #3:… Continue reading Top Five Places for the Best Views of Belgrade Lakes

The Best Day of the Year, Superbowl Sunday

It’s no surprise here in the Belgrade’s it’s Patriots Nation! Some of the biggest fans live here, which just so happen to include my step father and his friends who have turned into family over the years because they are at my house every Sunday during football season. So when I say Patriots fan I… Continue reading The Best Day of the Year, Superbowl Sunday

A Day on the Ice

I would be lying if I didn’t say that Saturday was an exciting day! My day started out a little later then I would like to admit but after rushing to get ready, it started out like almost every other day. A coffee at Day’s Store. As I was getting ready to go ice fishing… Continue reading A Day on the Ice

Winter Days

One of the biggest parts of Belgrade Lakes is summertime! You get to enjoy the hiking trails, the lake, barbecues, the farmers market, walking and browsing the village on a nice sunny day. As much as the Belgrade lakes depends on the summertime we also enjoy the winter time. Now many may ask, “what is… Continue reading Winter Days